Fisher of Men – Day 2

Fisher of Men – Day 2

Fisher of Men day two!

Thinking about what Jesus said to Peter. Being a fisher of men.
Here are the lyrics of the second verse of a song by Wes King.
It speaks to what it means to be a “Fisher of Men. “


It’s winning
And losing
And trying
It’s considering the cost
It’s counting your gains as but a loss
It’s laying down your nets
Laying down you life
To take up the cross
And follow the Fisher of men


What does it mean to be born again
What does it mean to be grafted into the body of Christ
To be conformed into the image of the One
Who lay down his life
So that you and I might live

2 responses to “Fisher of Men – Day 2”

  1. Dave Hindman says:

    I cannot seem to find a “Doctrinal Statement” anywhere on either your old website or your new website. I never attend a church until I have read their Statement of Faith or Doctrinal Statement first.

  2. Pastor John Massey says:

    Greetings to you this day.
    We are so pleased that you have inquired about our doctrinal statements. If you will take a look at the WE BELIEVE section of our website you will find our core 16 Fundamental Truths. That contains our doctrinal statement. the WHO WE ARE speaks to the fact that we are Called / Caring / Committed to ministering to the body of Christ.
    We Believe:
    Who We Are:
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Blessings to you this day…
    Pastor John Massey

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